Thursday, October 07, 2010

Welcome to the Gooner! Another blogger for the BeanTownFrog!

As many of you have seen, my friend, fellow podcaster and football fan has joined the ranks of the Bean Town Frog. Truth be known that it is because of Sam that I started blogging. The Gooner wrote a blog many years ago, about Arsenal, that motivated me to start the Bean Town Frog so it makes perfect sense to have the Gooner be a part of the blog.

I look forward to having Sam authoring insightful posts and bring his wealth of knowledge to the Bean Town Frog. Welcome Sam, the Bean Town Frog is happy to have you as an active part of the blog!


SSJ said...

Thanks Frog. It's good to be writing again.

Anonymous said...

do people get paid making these blogs?

Jeff said...

Anon - People most certainly do not get paid for blogging. In some instances there can be a little bit of ad revenue, but you'd be much better off putting in a shift at the local fast-food joint, remuneration-wise.

GFC said...

Um yeah, blogging as a substitute for a day job is not a realistic venture! It is all for the love of the game!!

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