Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The circus continues in Anfield...the rest of the EPL chuckles

So dumb and dumber, aka Gillett and Hicks, have supposedly turned down two offers for the club and are also trying to purge the board...apparently to give the two idiotic owners more control. What is going on with Liverpool? Mounting debts, trying to determine a new ground to play on...maybe with hated local rival Everton and on top of this they are in the relegation zone!!! Clearly the current owners have been trying to unload this asset for at least a year while piling up a large amount of debt. This might be the best course of action for Liverpool, clearly if the club can find an owner that will bring the financial heft to clear the books of debt, or at least bring it under control and add some stability at the ownership level that is only the way Hodgson and the club can climb their way out of the relegation zone.

I cannot hide my feeling of schadenfreude when it comes to the down fall of the Reds. I am sure there are plenty of others that feel the same...maybe even the current Inter manager.

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