Tuesday, October 12, 2010

France go to the 4-4-2 diamond versus Luxembourg

Another day another formation, well the same one that Blanc used when he faced Norway in his first game in charge of Les Bleus. France will turn to the 4-4-2 diamond to face their neighbors later today in Metz.

France : Lloris - Reveillère, Rami, Mexès, Clichy - A.Diarra (c) - Diaby, Malouda - Gourcuff - Benzema, Hoarau

Hourau is slotted up front with Benzema with Gourcuff as the play maker and ADiarra as the lone holding player sending M'Vila to the bench. With the likes of Diaby, Diarra and Hourau, clearly Blanc wants to see if he cannot take advantage of size on set pieces and probably wants to leverage that same height defending set pieces since I am sure he fears conceding a goal on a set piece which would appear to be the best way Luxembourg can hope to get a ball past Lloris.

Keeping the same back 4 is important as he has stated he wants to give them as many opportunities as they can get for playing time on the pitch as a unit, wise move. Not huge insight, but France will need to score early otherwise it will give Luxembourg the hope that they can get a draw or even a late goal. Unlike Scotland, Luxembourg will at least line up a striker or two, even if that player still sits behind the ball. However there will most likely be 10 players behind the ball most of the game. It will be up to Hourau and Benzema to break down that block. Look to Gourcuff to have a good day distributing the ball and being dangerous on set pieces. Diaby should bring some offensive flair from his flank.

Prediction - France 4 Luxembourg 0. Benzema (2), Gourcuff and Hourau.

Allez Les Bleus.


philip said...

France defense has improved so much in little time. But France really need to finish better. I don't think Blanc should of started Hoarau. I just think there are a lot of better strikers ahead of him.

Another thing is Belarus have yet conceded a goal. Belarus and Montenegro are defiantly the surprise teams of the qualifications.

GFC said...

I think Hourau was given the nod due to his height, I am sure Blanc thought he could use Hourau as a pivot up front as well as an aerial threat to the Luxembourg goal. However I will agree that there might have been better options.

Belarus is having a good campaign, and what should not be overlooked is if Belarus can get a draw versus France at home things might be turned on their heads during this campaign!

philip said...

Also Gourcuff has 2 goals in 2 games with Blanc in charge. I know both games he wasn't that great but surely this will get him confidence.

And Benzema was quiet to but if he can still get goals while not being on form and full of confidence, I can't imagine how deadly he will be when he gets his top form back.

GFC said...

The Benzema dilemma is that he needs to get more time with Real Madrid...or another club. He has the talent but getting back to form will require more time on the pitch and not sure he will get that under Mourinho. To be determined.

GFC said...

btw, I did call 2 of the goal scorers correctly! And Hourau SHOULD have scored! Not that I am patting myself on the back...