Saturday, October 02, 2010

Blanc will announce his captain before end of the year.

Mexes, Malouda and Diarra have all worn the captain's arm band for Laurent Blanc's France squad. However there is not a clear cut favorite to carry the arm band long term. Blanc did come out and said the captain will be named before December. Question is, who is the favorite? The three players who have previously worn the arm band are all in the conversation. How about Sagna? Or Gourcuff? I know the latter has always stated he is not ready for the responsibility. The former might have a case to be made but he has always struck me as a quiet leader not someone that will speak up. With regards to ADiarra, is he an unquestionable starter? Blanc also stated he is still searching for his core for Les Bleus, the undisputed group of players that he will build around - son noyau. I am sure once Blanc has more clarity with regards to this he will be prepared to give the arm band to one of these players for the long term.

Here is a name that might be a dark horse - Rami. He has shown very well since the Norway game, a pillar on the back line. To me he is one of the players that is on the very short list of being one of Blanc's noyaus. He was also not part of the World Cup nor the Domenech era so would give a fresh start to the role.

Who do you think Blanc might look to as his captain?


Anonymous said...

I like this approach. No rush to find a captain for the sake of having a captain. Let's just take our time and see who's right for the position. I would like to see a few more players tried out. I think malouda is a serious possibility. He's been in good form lately, and seems to be one of the few players who cared about the team in the WC. I don't think sagna could do the job, he's a quiet worker who gets what has to be done, done. But not a leader. Overall I'm glad its blanc who must decide and not me.

I wonder if the announcement of our new captain will coincide with the release of our new kit in december. Hoping nike doesn't fluff it up and ruin france's look!

GFC said...

I agree that Blanc's approach to selecting the captain is the correct tact. I think Malouda should be a serious candidate. I know that ADiarra has stated hem enjoys the challenge, doing some lobbying for the role!

I think the announcement might happen end of year so close to the new kit from Nike. One thing I have some faith in is that Nike will not ruin anything on the contrary I think the Nike marketing machine might be good for Les Bleus as well.

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