Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gooner's Football Views & Biases

First, thank you to Frog for generously agreeing to share his blog with me. We already share a podcast, Frog & Gooner Football podcast, (also available in iTunes) so why not share a blog? This way there will be someone to disagree with the Frog who is not just writing in the comments.

A few quick notes so you know where I'm coming from:
Big Arsenal Fan (hence the Gooner)

Thankful to Arsene Wenger for what he has done for Arsenal.

Wish Arsene would move on so that a coach that wants to win trophies could take over.

Love the Bundesliga, especially Werder Bremen

Hate International Football (Sorry Frog), except for the US and A

Guilty Pleasures: Transfer news and the Financial side of the game.

Final Thought:
Arsenal need to bench Alex Song until he gets his head straightened out. Bring in Denilson for a run in the side. I'd drop Diaby too.


GFC said...

Gooner do you really hate international football? Or just the international breaks? If I recall you did attend a large international football event a few years back....

I would wager a guess that if the US of A played in better region and had more international success your feelings might be slightly different. Just saying...

SSJ said...

Fair point. I like 10% of international football, which is just about the % of games that Euro Championships and World Cup, and USA-Mexico qualifiers encompass. I can live without the rest.

And nothing is worse than the Interlull!

Anonymous said...

Drop Diaby? I'm an Arsenal fan but Its the same old same old. I only see Arsenal contending for the F.A cup this year(hope I'm wrong). Arsenal still need growing up to do.

Jeff said...

Can't agree about international football - I love the stuff.

Anonymous said...

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