Friday, October 08, 2010

I was Going to Start My Own Arsenal Blog But What Else Is There To Say?

The October wikio blog ratings are out in the UK, and Arsenal blogs dominate the Top 20 Football blogs. It's amazing really:

1. Zonal Marking (General)
2. Arseblog (Arse)
3. Young Guns (Arse)
4. Goonerholic (Arse)
5. Gunnerblog (Arse)
6. Who Ate All The Pies (General)
7. East Lower (Arse)
8. Off The Post (General)
9. caughtoffside (General)
10. Untold Arsenal (Arse)
11. BBC Sport – Phil McNulty blog (General)
12. Twohundredpercent (General)
13. The Goon Blog (Arse)
14. SoccerLens (General)
15. Goodplaya (Arse)
16. republik of mancunia (Man U)
17. Gingers for Limpar (Arse)
18. Studs Up (General)
19. Arsenalinsider (Arse)
20. Football Further (General)

10 of the top 20 are Arsenal blogs. Only 1 other team blog in the top 20. I looked back at September and it was pretty much the same.

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GFC said...

Does that mean that Arsenal fans are more intellectual and literate than other fans???