Friday, September 03, 2010

M'Vila favored over Diarra - starting 11 for Les Bleus

The young French phenom, M'Vila, was favored by Blanc over his former Bordeaux captain Diarra. Not entirely surprising, the question remains will M'Vila be comfortable in a 4 man midfield? Or does this allow Diaby to push higher up the pitch with Malouda and Menez, essentially leaving M'Vila as the lone holding midfielder providing cover for the back 4. Also, the captain's arm band goes to Malouda, no surprise and a good move by Blanc. Giving the captaincy to a returning World Cup player but one that was not a ring leader and a player that suffered and persevered under Domenech.

Should be interesting.

The line up:

Lloris - Sagna, Rami, Mexès, Clichy - Menez, Diaby, M'Vila, Malouda (cap.) - Hoarau, Rémy


Anonymous said...

what a humiliating loss. france seriously lacks creativity in attack. it will be difficulty to bounce back from this and play decently in 4 days, but if france can somewhow pull a rabbit out of a hat and beat heavily-favored bosnia (i never thought i would say that),they will be right back in the mix.

Anonymous said...

find the goal on youtube. an offside player interfered with play and it shouldn't have been allowed.

but theres nothing we can do about that now.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it should've been disallowed. but france is pathetic if it whines about that. really, 0-0 at home against belarus would also have been humiliating.

philip said...

I had a really bad day and I was hoping that I could at least enjoy watching France get a victory guess not.