Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Blanc and Les Bleus look to a 4-3-3 to take on Bosnia

Seems as if France will go back to a 4-3-3 to confront Bosnia:

France : Lloris - Sagna, Mexès, Rami, Clichy - Mvila, A. Diarra, Diaby - Valbuena, Malouda, Benzema. Sélectionneur: Laurent Blanc

Clearly if Blanc goes with this line up he is announcing his intent to beef up his midfield, play to stifle the Bosnian attack and is looking to not lose. Of course he could change his mind and insert Menez in the place of Diaby and shifting to a 4-2-3-1 looking a bit more offensive in the process. My gut tells me he will opt for the 4-3-3 more "muscular" midfield. With the likes of Valbuena - Malouda - Benzema up front, I think Blanc feels he has enough potential offense to steal a goal from Bosnia. Also, Diaby will be able to give some offensive punch from his deeper role. In addition, with Mexes, Rami, Diaby and Diarra there clearly an opportunity to try and get a goal off set pieces - as well as hopefully ensure strong defense on Bosnian set pieces.

It will be very interesting who comes out of the tunnel for France to start the game. Is Blanc going to be overly cautious to get 1 point or will he look to throw enough offense on the pitch to give France an outside chance at the full 3 points?


Anonymous said...

Excellent game! France dominated the midfield the entire game. 4-3-3works for France (although it often looked like a 4-1-4-1 (with Malouda (!) sometimes at the point) when Bosnia had possession)). Bosnia had few chances. The passing game often flowed. Benzema's goal was pure class. A well deserved victory. This is the best France has played in longer than I can remember, and it feels like the page has been turned on the Domenech era. (it may be premature to say that after only one game, but as low as French morale was before the game, this feels great)

Philip said...

I was sure France were gonna win because 1 they were not the favorites in this game. Also Bosnia are not a defending team witch helps France play better.

and another thing I think Benzema should be the #10 for France from now on.

GFC said...

Good points, I think that France being the underdog served them well. Now let us hope that when they return to Paris against Romania, as favorites, they play with the same determination and urgency!

Jeff said...

France were awesome. Mvila rules!

GFC said...

M'Vila was very strong, he is beginning to entrench himself as the clear first choice as holding midfielder. At 20 years old that is very impressive.

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