Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wenger to manage PSG? Yes please!!!!

A recent interview with Wenger reveals that the professor might look to return home to continue his managerial career once his time is done in the Emirates. After some questions end of last season, Wenger did resign with the Gunners extending his contract until 2014 to stay in North London. If he sees out his contract that will have been 18 years with Arsenal and cemented himself as Arsenal's longest tenured manager (he achieved that in 2009) and one of the most successful. What is interesting about the interview is that he stated he would like to continue to "work with emerging talent." Interesting that he did not emphasis winning silverware! He does state that competing with clubs that possess bottomless oil wells of money is a bit of a challenge. Of course the 2 French clubs mentioned are Strasbourg and...PSG. Wenger has a very good working relationship with the powers that be at PSG and he is from Strasbourg.

However I could not imagine a better manager for PSG. He would have a healthy level of resources to run the team, be able to pull from one of France's largest talent pools (Paris) and run a club with no geographic challenger. Clearly competing in Ligue 1 he could continue to embrace his strategy - find and develop young talent - however he would have legitimate chances every season to win the league title. He would most likely have Champions League football every season, he would win silverware and he would be able to do so without needing to splash out huge sums of money to attract tier 1 veteran talent. He could mimic the success Guy Roux had at Auxerre but actually have resources to sign some more veteran players.

Come on Arsene! Go to PSG!!!


Anonymous said...

That would be great for ligue 1 (in 2015)...

GFC said...

I can be patient! Hopefully PSG will still be in Ligue 1 by then and not in Ligue 2!!

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