Thursday, September 02, 2010

Domenech the mole from South Africa!

The story that will not die, then again why should it I think many are still looking for their pound of flesh from Domenech...myself included! The latest is that it was the manager himself that leaked the naughty words that were said in the dressing room during the half time of the France v Mexico match in South Africa. Not surprising. The rumors were circulating that Domenech was the mole from day 1. Who else was dumb enough to share this with the press? Not the players. Other assistants had nothing to gain. Domenech, however, clearly thought this could serve him to cover his pathetic failure that was South Africa. Maybe he thought this would sway public opinion to his side, demonstrate how childish and immature his team a team he selected and had been managing for 6 years.

Once again another example of the ineptitude of the former France manager. And once again, another piece of evidence that makes me scratch my head as why the federation stuck with this idiotic leader for so long.

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