Sunday, September 05, 2010

Domenech fired! Witch hunt continues

The main culprit for many of the problems surrounding the French National team is finally getting some of his punishment - he was fired from the FFF. Granted this is probably 2 or 3 years too late, he should have been sacked after the 2008 Euro fiasco. Better late than never, but the action from the FFF feels a bit empty. Granted Escalettes never had the back bone to do the necessary and fire Domenech when he should have been sacked. Escalettes continued support of Domenech made it virtually impossible for Inspector Clouseau to be axed and created a false sense of support from players, former players and other France football pundits. We all know how that ended. To me Domenech cannot suffer enough embarrassment and disgrace, but the only thing that will allow us to move on from the Domenech era will be some success on the pitch. Let us hope Tuesday we enjoy that emotion.

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