Friday, March 19, 2010

Newcastle's gaff - Zizou "not good enough"

Blackburn also passed on signing Zizou back in the day, because they already had Tim Sherwood...but this is great (Zizou did wear the black and white kit...but the one of Juve not Newcastle!) - from ESPN:

Zidane chased out of Toon
Agents. They talk a lot. Most, if not all, of what they say can be easily disregarded but Barry Silkman served up a dose of self promotion so large it was impossible to ignore when he claimed that he offered Zinedine Zidane to Newcastle United, only to be turned down. The future World Player of the Year proved to be the 'one that got away' from a rueful Bazza when Zizou was looking for a way out of French Ligue 1 side Bordeaux back in the 90's. "I offered him [Zidane] to Newcastle at the beginning of the 1996 season for £1.2 million,'' he said. ''And they watched him and said that he wasn't good enough to play in the First Division which is the Championship now. Three months later he went to Juventus for £1.2 million and two years later he went for £48 million. So I think the people at Newcastle got it slightly wrong." Somebody certainly got it wrong. Could Kevin Keegan really have turned down the chance to sign the French international playmaker and successor to Eric Cantona, who was winning the Premier League title with Manchester United at time, for a mere £1.2 million?

A good chuckle for the weekend. What are your thoughts on some other horrible misses?


Anonymous said...

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smh2141 said...

hah- but, who knows if Zidane would have become the player he was had he gone to Newcastle? Seeing as though New Castle are now paying in the Championship League, it makes this story even more funny..

GFC said...

I have a feeling Zizou would have been fine anywhere he went, but good point on Newcastle. Then again some of his fellow compatriots did alright there - Robert and Ginola.