Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Come on FIFA, wake up to the 21st century - rejection of video replay is ludicrious

Sigh, is it really a surprise that the governing body of football has decided to not continue pursuing the possible usage of goal line technologies during matches...um okay. Why? I guess the FIFA seems content to "continue to accept such errors." Again....why? I agree that the human element is a part of footie and of all sports. The men and women that are responsible for enforcing the laws of the game on the field of play are just as much a part of the competition as do the players and managers. Granted, you do not want games to revolve around referee's decisions or lack of decisions,
however the human element is a crucial part of the match. Their judgment is part of a match - did a player dive or get brought down? Was that a 50 - 50 challenge or did the defender hack down the player? The list goes on.
I have stated that I think the addition of another referee on the pitch would vastly improve the quality of games. I still think FIFA should consider adding another pair of eyes on the pitch. This does not mean they cannot also have video for goal line questions. Why is this so difficult for FIFA? Do they fear the time that might be taken to review? A
reasonable concern...however the number of times you would need the video during a season you could probably count on 1 hand for an entire season. Let us look at a parallel - the NHL. They have a dedicated video judge to review goals that are in question...anyone that watches NHL games can probably count on 1 hand how many times in a season they have seen this enacted. So for footie, that has a much lower goals per game than hockey you would have that many fewer situations. What about rugby, they use video for tries as well...and clearly it works well and is not a huge issue with regards to the time increase for the matches. 

FIFA needs to get its collective heads out of their rear ends and wake up to the 21st century. Video would have rectified the "Hand of Frog" or the terrible blunder Roy Carroll made for Manchester United....or maybe the phantom goal in 1966 might have been overturned. Isn't the ability to correct these problems more important than having to "accept such errors?"

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