Sunday, March 07, 2010

Landycakes...stepping up his game...there I said it

Anyone who has read my blog or knows me, knows exactly how I feel about the American "star." I have always contended that Donovan was too soft to play above the MLS - see his failed attempts to play in Germany as well as his numerous times  he has disappeared on the biggest world stage - the World Cup. Granted he scored a nice goal in the Confederation Cup finals against Brazil but was completely a non factor in the second half. However, I go....Donovan has been successful in his first stint in the Premiership. He has been a valuable asset to the Toffies. There I said it. Landycakes has played well and needs to stay with Everton and not head back to the Galaxy. Why has Landycakes been more successful? A few reasons:
  • Everton has been using him properly allowing him to be successful. Unlike playing for the Galaxy or the United
    States, rather than being the striker or sitting right behind the high striker, he has been used on the right side. As a pure winger his responsibilities are primarily to give the team width and use his pace to destabilize the opponents. One thing Landycakes has, even I will admit, is pace. Without the burden of feeling he needs to score bags of goals or be the primary offensive threat, Donovan has been able to leverage the tools he has to the maximum of their potential.
  • It is a World Cup year - Landycakes knows what is around the corner. If the US have any hope to progress this tournament he will have to play well and being able to play every week against some of the best competition in the world, broadcast around the world must have lite a fire under him.
  • Do not discount playing with the circus that is Goldenballs. The fact that David Beckham has been on the Galaxy for the past few seasons with all the distractions and hype the surrounds the "greatest" footie player ever has given him a different perspective. No longer was he the man on his own team and regardless of their relationship, I have no doubt that Goldenballs has given Landycakes some insight into playing in leagues such as the Premiership.
  • Donovan is older and wiser. After 2 unsuccessful stints in the Bundesliga, I am sure that Donovan has suffered and learned from the battle scars he has gained from those experiences.
Having said all this I think that Donovan needs to stay with Everton, at least until the end of the season. Heading back to the Galaxy for their pre-season and start of the MLS will not help him prepare for the World Cup and beyond. I realize that Arena wants one of his better players back, however the MLS and US Soccer need to realize that for the betterment of Landycakes, the MLS and US Soccer they need to let him stay in England.

There you go Landycakes...I have sang your praises. Now don't go back to your old form...and please work on your finishing -

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