Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arsenal not out of England yet!

Granted it was bad to drop 2 points this weekend while Manchester United and Chelsea thumped their opponents. However the race remains a 3 horse race, why? Look at the upcoming fixtures: Manchester United have to face Chelsea and Man City - both games will be highly charged. Chelsea also have to travel to Liverpool. Throw in Bayern matches for Manchester United and FA Cup for Chelsea - granted Arsenal have a difficult Champions League tie versus Barca. However this adds up to some landmines for the clubs Arsenal are chasing. Add to this mix the injuries that are besetting the Blues and the door remains open for Arsenal to sneak back and take the title. Of course much will be determined this weekend when Chelsea face Manchester United. Arsenal need to hope for a draw (and that the Gunners beat Wolves), that will leave Arsenal 2 points behind Manchester United and 1 behind Chelsea. At worst, Arsenal need to hope for a Chelsea victory, otherwise if Manchester United are 4 points clear they will have to drop two matches and see Arsenal win out for the Gunners to leap frog them.

While the Premiership remains a league of the haves and have nots, at least the race between the haves is an interesting three horse race!

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