Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bendtner remembers he is a striker as Arsenal cruise past Porto

I guess the Great Dane took the past few days to remember what his purpose is on the football pitch and lights up Porto with a hat trick. Arsenal put any questions to rest with a convincing 5-0 victory and did this without Cesc. Before we get ahead of ourselves the hard work is only beginning for the Gunners. They have passed this round on a regular basis, question is do they have the depth to make another run at the finals?

I still remain skeptical. Bendtner's hat trick aside I still question Arsenal's ability to consistently score goals from their striker position. I am also not sure that they will remain healthy for the long haul, especially since they are in a legitimate race for the Premiership title. Much will depend on the draw, I am sure that Wenger is rooting for Lyon to find a way to knock off Real Madrid and hope that Inter can hold their lead versus the Blues and that somehow his former keeper Lehmann can find a way to get Stuggart over Barca. This would knock out a number of the teams that would give Arsenal fits.

Lots of work to do Gonners! But a good step. Then again if Nasri can keep giving these performances they have a chance! And hopefully Domenech saw the game and realizes that Nasri should be playing on the right side for Les Bleus!!!

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