Friday, March 02, 2007

War of words,,2002390000-2007100174,00.html

Looks like the war of words between Manchester United and Chelsea have heated up with SFA telling the "Special Whiner" to button his lips....I must agree with the Scots jab at the Mourinho.

Chelsea once again are throwing stones in a very fragile glass house...whenever Chelsea loses it is invariably the fault of the referees, or the pitch, or the wind, or the fact the other team cheated etc. Never because the Chelsea was out played, or not good enough to win. With Mourinho complaining that Manchester United has been "lucky" to be where they are, it is the next step in the chapters of the whining of Mourinho.

The Blues having already one piece of silverware, and are in line to win 3 more. Rather than complaining and whining maybe Mourinho should focus on how he can prepare his team for the stretch run in the three competitions.

On another note, Arsenal was robbed agains Blackburn. How was the "tackle" on Ljunberg not a penalty shot? And now did Baptistat miss an open header? I think this season will end with no hardware for the Gunners, but I think that Wenger has put in place the pieces for a real run at silverware the next few seasons.

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