Monday, March 19, 2007

Domenech pile on

Interesting recap....Deschamps the Juventus manager is also critical of the lack of communications coming from the French National team. Interesting article, since I was having lunch with Sam (former blogger) about the Wenger - Domenech - Henry saga. As I have stated in prior postings, I think that Wenger is pushing it when it comes to Henry and his play for Les Bleus. While I can see the arguement for not having Henry play in too many friendlies, I stand by my assertion that the Professor Arsene is starting to whine too much and trying to heap the blame on the shoulders of Domenech.

However, if the argument was that Domenech lacks in communication with the club managers, then I firmly agree, something I have also stated in prior postings. This latest incident reiterates one of my major pet peeves with Domenech - his apparent lack of personal skills. He has had clear run ins with Mouinho over Makelele, Wenger over Henry, Houllier over the use of the Lyon players, and now Deschamps. None of the 4 are dog food when it comes to the managerial ranks.

Domenech needs to work on his communication skills, many would agree that his stint as manager of the French national team is due to Zidane (Zizou saved the French qualification for the World Cup and then led to the team to the finals). Since many would argue his is managing on borrowed time, he needs to ensure that those aspects he can control he does so with humility. Make calls and building relations with club managers is one such aspect.

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