Monday, March 19, 2007

PSG's demise ..... Arsenal's opportunity?

Watching the "highlights" of PSG's 1-0 loss to Rennes this weekend was painful enough for this PSG fan. The Capital team is now 2 points away from safety, with 9 days left. And from their form of late, I think it is 50/50 that they will be able to emerge out of the drop zone.

However, could this unfortunate turn be an opportunity for the Gunners? The player I am thinking of is the only one worthy of being a Ligue 1 player - Mickael Landreau. He is firmly entrenched on the French National team, he has been playing professionally since 1996 since he wa a teenager at Nantes. And he is only 27, which is young for a keeper. Landreau joined PSG last summer from Nantes, which at the time looked like a great piece of the PSG puzzle, one that would allow the team to challenge for a spot in Europe. However will the team be able to keep its prized asset if they are relegated to Ligue 2? Or will they need to sell players - Landreau, Pauletta, Rothen, Kalou - to name a few, that they might not be able to afford or that may no longer want to play for a team relegated to Ligue 2. Wenger, if he is interested in solving his long term keeper issue, with Lehman being at the end of his contract, as well as tail end of his career, should look at the young Frenchman. The appeal of playing for one of the best teams in England, the appeal of playing consistent Champions League play, the appeal of playing in the lime light of the Premiership might sway the PSG keeper to agree to a transfer.

Of course, PSG might look to maintain their backstop, and dump the other players mentioned. Look to rebuild the team around Landreau and fight their way back to Ligue 1.

Arsene...give PSG a call.

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