Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who to play for Les Bleus this weekend?

Interesting article calling into question what starting line up Domenech will put on the pitch against Lithuania this weekend. Not selecting Trezeguet has left Domenech with few experienced options to start up front for Les Bleus. It appears that Anelka will be the #1 striker with Cisse as #2....but will he go with two strikers or one striker and 3 midfielders. Opting for the latter will give him another problem - who to play the role of Ribery? Gouvou and Malouda are certain to start, but who will be the third attacking midfielder? 19 that is a lot to ask. Wiltord, maybe, he has the experience but is getting long in the tooth and not sure I want to see him middle of the pitch for 90 minutes.

Domenech should go with experience first - play Anelka and Cisse together. I know Cisse has been struggling lately with Marseilles, but he is experienced and I think his pace will give Lithuania a world of problems allowing Anelka to become that much more dangerous. Play Malouda and Govou on the wings, with Makelele and Toulalan in support. The back line will be experienced and solid - Abidal, Gallas, Thuram, Abidal. If you want to get some of the younger players some time, bring them in the last 20 minutes. If Les Bleus can get a lead on the Lithuanias, maybe look to bring in Nasri and Benzema for Anelka and Cisse, go to a 3 attacking midfield, one striker to protect the lead and get the youth some run....but one thing is for sure, Domenech will do something that makes folks scratch their heads. As long as we come back to Paris with 3 points.....that is the essential.

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