Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Henry for Eto'o.....makes sense

Another rumor that Titi could be heading to the Spanish giant -

Arsenal is expected to be in pole position for Samuel Eto'o, when the bidding war begins in earnest. Arsenal is thought to be ready to offer Barcelona Thierry Henry in a straight swap for Eto'o.
-- fansfc.com

Again, I have stated that where there is smoke there is fire....there has been no secret that Barca coveted Henry over last summer, nor that Henry was hiding his curiosity to play with the Catalan squad. The recent bust up between Etoo, Rijkaard and Ronaldiho could lead to the Cameroonian star to leave Barca. Wenger has not been shy to express his desire for Eto'o, mentioning his name as the player he would expect in return for Henry 2 years ago when the rumors started to fly.

It might be just the move both star stikers need. If Wenger could do the straight Eto'o for Henry swap in addition to a summer war chest could he also go after Torres and Ribery? That might make Arsenal real scarey - of course he still needs a keeper....


Erin said...

It might seem self explanatory that Lehmann has attitude issues and is getting older, but what is the story with Arsenal and needing a new goalie? I just wondered what you've heard or think. During the Leverkusen/Schalke game the crazy GolTV announcers were saying that Wenger should throw money down for Adler. Which based on that game seems like an excellent idea...but that's only one performance, and what about Almunia?

GFC said...

I think that Arsenal needs to go after someone like Buffon. The Italian star has made some noises that he would be willing to move from the Old Lady. At only 29, he is good for another 5 - 7 years. The other player I would "inquire" about is Landreau at PSG, while it would be strange for me to see a player leave my #1 club PSG to the team I support in the EPL, I think he would it in nicely for the Gunners. PSG is in real problem and can probably use the money. The other goalie, real dark horse, would be Sebastian Frey from Fiorentina. He has been seen as the next French national team keeper. The other goalie that there has been some noise around is Igor Akinfeev from CSKA Moscow. He would be a great player for Arsenal. He is only 20, the #1 keeper for the Russian national team, has Champions League experience (against Arsenal). I think a combination of Akinfeev and Alumia would be solid for a season or two until the Russian establishes himself as the clear #1....

As for Alder I did not hear those rumors, and yes the commentator on GolTV is completely crazy, but entertaining!

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