Monday, August 09, 2010

Hey Sepp look at the NFL for some guidance

The latest out of the NFL is the league is exploring inserting a chip into the ball in order to ensure proper calls when it comes to first downs and touchdowns. Hmmmm that sounds like a novel idea. I guess that would never make sense for other sports...such as soccer.  Clearly if the FIFA is serious about learning from other leagues before adopting technology then they need to look no further than the NFL. If the technology can tell an official if a ball has crossed a line - which is constantly changing when it comes to first downs - then why can a league not leverage technology to determine if a ball has crossed a fixed line - the goal line! Hopefully Sepp and his band of merry followers are paying attention.


OffsideSarah said...

True - but the US has always been more likely to accept technology as a 3rd party in the game. I always understood Sepp's (err...FIFA) opposition to technology being a desire to preserve the dramatic (and sometimes unfair) moments that fans debate over for years (decades...) and that create entertaining rivalries.

GFC said...

Well US sports like the NFL, NBA and well that is another story. The fact they accepted to use video to review home run calls is a minor miracle!

However I would agree with your point on Sepp...of course if some high tech provider showed up at his door with a plan to sponsor FIFA events and splash some cash for Sepp's little pet projects I bet that FIFA would suddenly feel technology was not too bad for the game...

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