Monday, April 05, 2010

Wenger v Domenech: rearing its ugly head again

After last week's Champions League battle between Arsenal and Barcelona, which saw Gallas taken off the pitch on a stretcher after re-aggravating his calf injury, France's fabulous gaffer came out and attacked Wenger's decision to play the French international. Granted Gallas had been battling to regain fitness from this injury for 7 weeks, however he was declared fit to play and this was no simple match versus Burnley. Wenger was well within his boundaries to play his central defender. Was he suppose to hold him out for fear that Gallas might not play for France in South Africa? Then should not play any member of his squad that might appear for their nation this summer? Absolutely not. For once I will side with the club in the battle of club vs country. Arsenal is Gallas' employer, and they have just as much interest as France does to see that Gallas is not injured, does it help Wenger's chances for a Premier league title that his central defender is now out for the remainder of the season?  Of course not.
Wenger is trying to win games and silverware, as is Gallas when he puts on the Arsenal kit (as well as the France kit). Players need to play through injuries and sometimes they run out when they might not be 100% and understand the risks they assume. Would it have been "acceptable" had Wenger allowed Gallas to train in order to gauge his fitness and he had picked up the injury there?

Domenech clearly has an ax to grind with Wenger and saw an opportunity to fire a shot at the Arsenal manager. Unfortunately, as usual, Domenech demonstrated his complete lack of grasp with the reality of the situation. Once again Domenech looks like the fool in this situation.

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