Friday, April 02, 2010

Arsenal's title hopes take a hit

Ouch....Cesc and Gallas ruled out for the season? That puts a serious dent in the slim chances Arsenal had for a run at the Premier League title. I think the Cesc injury might be less painful than the Gallas one, why? Nasri could slot into the Spaniard's role in the midfield. As long as Arshavin is back healthy, Wenger has some options for the midfield. Central defense, that is another story...without the Frenchman Arsenal might need to lean more on Campbell and Silvestre...neither of which conger up feelings of confidence.

Hopefully these injuries do not bleed into the World Cup since both Gallas and Cesc were regarded as key members of their national sides. Unfortunately for Les Bleus, they do not  have much cover for Gallas, whereas Spain could do without the Arsenal captain assuming Xavi and Iniesta are back to full form.


philip said...

I would not doubt if Domenech puts in Escude in for Gallas.

GFC said...

Unfortunately I fear that we will be seeing Escude as one of our center backs in South Africa...maybe paired with Boumsong! Oh the horror.

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