Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Domenech throws down the gauntlet, but will he follow through?

So Domenech made some noise and came out with a bold statement about players that are not in form and playing will NOT go to South Africa with Les Bleus. As the article points out, what does this mean for his captain Titi Henry? What about Benzema? How about former captain Vieira? According to Domenech he would select Vieira...hmmmm. Why? Because he would have a month to get okay. While I praise Domenech for the statement, I doubt he will abide by his words. Let us look at the case of Henry. He is clearly firmly planted to the Barcelona bench, which is not what you want from a player you expect to contribute at the World Cup. Yet he is the French captain. Add into this equation the fact he would like to play on the left where you already have Ribery and Malouda who are more deserving of holding up the position. We are a month away from when Domenech has to make his official decision of who will go to South Africa. I am sure that Henry will be on that list.

I hope that he has the back bone to make the correct decisions with regards to the older players and those that are not up to snuff. Unfortunately he has done nothing during his tenure to demonstrate an ability to lead and manage with intelligence and conviction.

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