Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PSG.....aie aie aie

PSG drops all 3 points after a 4-0 drubbing by....Grenoble. Ouch. Grenoble who is already heading to Ligue 2 corrected the team from the nation's capital. 4 days before they play the French Cup finals this cannot be good for the mental state for PSG. It is not as if Kombouare was pretending to be Wenger (in an FA Cup tie) and had a bunch of players wearing numbers in the 50s out on the pitch....Erding, Makelele, Sessegnon, Coupet et al....had their run.

PSG have a chance to secure some silverware this weekend with the French Cup finals against Monaco. It will be interesting to see what the state of mind is for the Parisians. This season has been, once again, a frustrating one for the Parisians. Seems just yesterday that this blog predicted that PSG would build off last season's good run (until the end) and would win the league title, alas. PSG is going to head back to the drawing board once again to figure out where to go. There will be some roster turn over, no doubt, this summer. The question becomes will PSG once again look to fill in the gaps with aging players or will they start figuring out what system and strategy to leverage moving forward?? I fear that they will once again take their traditional route - buy a number of "name" players that are past their prime and not build for the future.

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