Sunday, June 08, 2014

Well that was unexpected - France to go with both Benzema and Giroud

The headlines have been dominated this week with Ribery's injury that has cause him to pull out of the squad heading to Brazil. With the absence of Ribery, the question became - who would replace the Kaiser on the left side. I surmised that it was down to either Griezmann or Remy. But it appears that Deschamps will throw out another option - Benzema on the left.

Interesting. As I had written in my last post, Benzema is more of a dribbler, ball at feet striker. Giroud is more of the in the box, distributing or putting shots on goal via his aerial game striker. Maybe Deschamps does not have to decide which striker he will start...he can start both. The formation is interesting with Valbuena out on the right. On the surface it appears to be the usual 4-3-3 formation. But I would put forth that the formation might morph into a 4-3-1-2, with Valbuena being allowed to roam behind the Benzema and Giroud. This will place a lot of pressure on these three players to create the offensive triangle up front to put pressure on the opponent's goal. An interesting formation to say the least.

Other changes - Kos will be on the bench in his place will be Varane. Debuchy back at right back and Sissoko will replace Pogba, to give the Juventus man some down time.

Things to watch for:

  • Will Varane play his way back to the starting line up?
  • How much time will the last two call ups get? Scheiderlin and Cabella?
  • Speaking of the call ups, where will we see Cabella? Left wing or right or in the middle?
  • Scheiderlin - expect him to get his first cap for Les Bleus. I bet he comes in for Matuidi at the half.
  • How will Benzema fare out on the left wing?
 After tomorrow it will be for real. France have much to work on, and only have 90 minutes to do so. Lots to watch for.

Allez les bleus


BLP said...

Obviously DD reads your blog and saw my comment.

Philip said...

Benz so close to a hatrick, wonder when the last time France got a hatrick. Was it Platini?

GFC said...

Excellent question - hat trick. It might have been the Euros 1984. I cannot think of who did it since.

Anonymous said...

Dominique Rocheteau hattrick against Luxembourg..france won 6-0
1986 wc qualify round...



GFC said...

Good call! I actually remember that now. But would never have pulled that one out...