Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sakho out for France vs surprise

Not a major surprise that the Liverpool central defender is out with a knock to his leg. This will most likely see the pairing of Koscielny and Varane in the center of the French defense. There are some who point out that France gave up two goals once this pairing was on the pitch Friday. I find this criticism a tad unfair to the Arsenal defender. The first goal given up on Friday was because a free kick taken from distance was allowed to easily pass through the three man wall...that was the wall's fault not Kos. And the second goal, while it came off Kos' back, was really more on Debuchy who did not hold the line with the defense, otherwise the play would have been off sides.

So we know of two players who started the first two games - Sakho and Cabaye - who will not play on Wednesday. Does this give Deschamps the opportunity to change some other personnel? As I wrote in my last post I think the situation with both Evra and Pogba remain something to watch.

Let us see how the week unfolds.

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Anonymous said...

If Benzama score in this match then he will be first french player after Fontain who score more than 3 goals in single world cup....