Thursday, June 26, 2014

Biggest match in US history to be played today...

Okay okay, that was a little bit of a sensationalist headline. This might be the biggest hyped game for the US mens' national footy team. I certainly do not diminish the importance of this match. When the draw first came out this group was widely seen as one of the leading candidates for the moniker "group of death." Deservedly so. After a stunning first match win versus Ghana and maybe an as stunning draw against Portugal, the US sits in a position
What do I do during the anthems??
otherwise only reserved for dreamers - one foot into the knock out round. However, all the hype surrounding this game is a tad overblown. Why? The US has over a 75% of qualifying. Those are pretty good odds. This is not a "do or die" game that the US media would like to hype it up to be. Even with a loss the US could still go through. A draw or win guarantees the US goes to the knock outs.

Of course there are some interesting undertones - Low used to work for Klinsmann....when Klinsmann managed the German national team. We all know that Klinsmann is...German. The number of US/German players that play for the United States. Yes these are good story lines. But they are just that...stories to hype up an otherwise simple game. Draw and move on. Add to this the fact that the Ghanaian camp is starting to resemble France 2010! The Portugal v Ghana game might not even be played with both teams pouting!

This all makes a good story line. This game is key for another reason - an opportunity for the US to see how they stack up against a world power on the biggest stage - but not really for qualification. Or might I be proven wrong??

I see a cautious game between both sides.

1-1 draw. Goals from Klose and Dempsey (Again).

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