Thursday, February 23, 2012

Les Bleus - who will be in Germany next week - telling for Euro roster

We are about 30 minutes away from finding out who will be suiting up for Les Bleus next week to face Die Mannschaft. The big question mark is who does Blanc look for to carry the scoring burden. With Remy and Benzema out due to injury the spotlight turns on Gameiro - who has been struggling with PSG and Giroud - the darling of second place side Montpellier.

Could the door be open for Gomis or will Blanc look to turn to some wily veterans such as Cisse or Saha. An interesting option would be to look to youngsters such as Riviere or Lacazette? The latter getting more time with Lyon and scoring the lone goal in the Lyon champions league match. It will be telling if Blanc looks to this friendly match to blood some new players with an eye towards who he could leverage in the Euros or does he go a "safe route" that sees him leaning on veterans.

We should find out in about 45 minutes.

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