Thursday, February 23, 2012

In with the old and new - Blanc announces his 23 for Germany match

Well well well. I guess Blanc wants to give the veterans another bite at the apple...but is that a wise move? Le President announces his list of players -

GARDIENS: LLoris, Mandanda, Carrasso
DÉFENSEURS: Abidal, Debuchy, Evra, Mexès, Rami, Reveillère, Sakho
MILIEUX: Amalfitano, Cabaye, Diarra, M'Vila, Malouda, Martin, Nasri
ATTAQUANTS: Gameiro, Giroud, Ménez, Ribéry, Saha, Valbuena

In goal and defense no surprises. Clearly he did not think Sagna was back to 100% and welcomes back the likes of Mexes. Debuchy deserves another call up and might force his way into the team, could he even become Blanc's first choice right back?
Thumbs up on first national team call up

In the midfield, Blanc welcomes Amalfitano from Marseilles, a new comer to the national side but not a huge surprise. His play for OM has opened some eyes recently and he gives Les Bleus another creative option in the midfield. With the OM player, Nasri and Martin he has the options necessary to determine where the creativity will come from in the midfield. Add to this the presence of Ribery, Menez and Valbuena and you additional creative options on the wings. I am a bit surprised that Malouda was selected, it appears that Malouda is hanging on despite his lack of form with Chelsea.

I wish Blanc had selected one of the youngsters up front, not sure Saha will nor should be in the long term plans for Les Bleus - aka going to the Euros. It will be interesting to see which line up Blanc goes with in Germany. I picture Blanc will leverage what he hopes is his standard back line -

Abidal - Mexes - Rami - Debuchy

In the midfield look for Cabaye - M'Vila to be the holding midfielders...with Ribery - Nasri - Valbuena as the creative midfield engine and Gameiro up front. A patch work no doubt, but one that should be able to hold its own.

Allez les Bleus


Anonymous said...

I like Debuchy more than Sagna and think Giroud is in better from than Gameiro. I'd go with:

Debuchy - Mexes - Rami- Abidal
M'Villa - Cabaye
Menez - Valbuena - Ribery

That's a pretty offensive lineup and might be a disaster vs Germany, but should be an exciting game...

GFC said...

I think that Debuchy is making a very strong case for himself being the starter moving forward. With Sagna having been off for an extended period and not having the offensive punch the Lille right back offers, the door might be open.

I like the line up except Valbuena in the middle, I just do not see him as being able to pull the strings from the middle and he will be getting mixed up with Menez since "Le Petit Velo" naturally drifts to wide positions. I think you will see Nasri or Martin holding the #10 spot.

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Valbuena does very well on the right, but this season he's been playing in the center. His starting position and his average position in the Inter game were as an ACM:

But if he drifts to the wings, no problem, b/c Menez drifts to the center, and to the left, and everywhere else, so that should make for some interesting exchanges...

Anonymous said...

by the way, France has a new all-white away kit. Too bad, i liked the mariniere:

GFC said...

I saw the new white kit at the Nike store on the Champs Elysees, I like it!

With regards to Valbuena and Menez, I just get nervous with both players drifting everywhere, I think you need a player to has the discipline to hold the middle of the park and if needs to make space and drop deeper, something Nasri and Martin can do.

Anonymous said...

good points! I also think Menez would do better if he were more disciplined. He's very talented, but sometimes I think he's a bit overconfident

GFC said...

I agree w regards to Menez, he has gotten better but still needs to understand his position and not free lance as much as he is at times prone to doing.

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