Wednesday, February 09, 2011

France v Brazil - some great memories

I am sure many of you have seen these videos over and over, but a few videos of memories I have of the Brazil v France match ups. Enjoy.

Just and insane goal from Carlos. I remember watching this game in a Paris bistro and thinking "there is no way that ball went did it move like that??" watching it again today I still have that thought. Amazing left foot from the Brazilian fullback.

Speaking of Roberto Carlos...I remember watching this epic battle and wondering how did Henry find himself alone on the far post. And then I realized that Roberto Carlos was suppose to be marking him...but clearly was thinking about getting a head start on the counter attack and decided he did not need to track Henry, even a slight little shirt tug, nudge or jogging next to Henry might have made the volley go over the goal.

Unfortunately I never saw this classic live, back then the US audience was limited...but I do recall seeing the highlights and reading about the game. I remember seeing Bats save the Zico penalty and (even thought I knew the outcome) still made me jump up from my seat.

Of course this is the ultimate memory! How can it be otherwise. Interesting note, many of the members of the other three mentioned memories were at this match - Roberto Carlos, Zico, Platini and Zidane...still gives me chills watching the video. Of course watching it makes me scratch my head as to why why why Guivarch was in the French side, let alone starting?? He wasted 2 clear goal scoring chances in the finals...awful. Clearly Les Bleus won that finals without a striker!


Anonymous said...

not a great match, but a great win for france! very scrappy effort. mexes and rami were excellent

philip said...

only saw the first 15 minutes of the game. Must say I don't care if benzema is doing bad in Real madrid as long is he keeps getting picked and scoring goals for France its all good. Rather have him be like Klose an international scorer but not a great club player.

Also Congrats on Menez nice assist.

Jean-Fran├žois said...

Looks like we have another great memory to add to the list :)

GFC said...

I was able to catch most of the second half, but will need to sit down and watch the entire match tonight (archived on before providing some indepth Frog analysis.

From my initial take I agree about Benzema, he sees to be growing in terms of confidence with Blanc at the helm - great sign. Mexes was a beast yesterday and not afraid to carry the play to the Brazilians, great sign. Lloris as always did the necessary late versus Hulk. Gourcuff and Malouda a little disappointing but we all know they can be better.

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