Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Arsenal making a move for a central defender...too bad the transfer window is closed

Coming to the EPL
Reports coming out of L'Equipe points to Arsenal putting together a bid for PSG defender Sakho. Not a huge surprise that the Gunners are looking to add the young France central defender to their roster. Unfortunately they should have tried to add him this winter if they think they have a legitimate chance at the EPL title. Maybe their lack of movement during the winter transfer is an indication that they do not think they can win the title...or more of Wenger's stubbornness.

Adding Sakho will be a solid move for Arsenal, although I would be torn since he would be leaving PSG - however I always knew that his time in Paris was not going to be a long term situation. Yet will the move be a season too late? Having him for the second half of this season would have bolstered the Arsenal central defense and added depth to a position ravaged by injury - giving Arsenal a chance to challenge for the title. Instead we are left in a lurch, excited at the prospect of adding a young talent, but frustrated that we are penny wise and pound foolish.

I guess in the end that is our lot these days as Arsenal fans.

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