Thursday, February 10, 2011

France v Brazil - initial thoughts - "small victory"

Okay I will admit I was only able to catch parts of the second half of yesterday's 1-0 victory by Les Bleus over Brazil. I was planning on watching the replay on but my wifi was terrible last night...I will be watching this evening so look for the Frog's detailed thoughts later today.
Some thoughts on what I was able to see and cobble together:

  • Benzema is looking stronger and stronger as he stays in confidence with Laurent Blanc. He scored again last night and could have added another. Unlike Domenech, who did not show any consistency with players, Blanc clearly gets the fact you need to settle on your core and stick with them - through peaks and valleys. Let them work themselves into form.
  • Same can be said about Mexes and Rami, under Domenech France had more center back combinations than a rubik's cube. Both Mexes and Rami have been paired together since Blanc's first game in charge and it shows. Both players appear to be building a strong working relation and both have elevated their game, Mexes in particular. Sad to say, but watching him yesterday is slightly frustrating when you think that Domenech never put faith in him and rather constantly forced a round peg into a square hole by slotting Abidal there.
  • Speaking of Abidal - solid work at left back....are you watching Domenech?
  • Lloris - steady as he goes, strong save end of the game at the feet of Hulk.
Look for deep thoughts from The Frog once I can watch the game in its entirety. I will take any win over a team like Brazil, even if they were a man down for 45 minutes! 

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