Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rafa out at Inter?

Looks like the Spaniard has once again found a way to shoot his way out of a job, granted with Liverpool it took him a few seasons to accomplish the feat. Rumor have it that former Milan manager and player Leonardo will be tapped to replace Rafa at Inter. Ah Rafa, what are you thinking?

Not sure what he could expect next in terms of a job, he left Liverpool in shambles and clearly left in a blaze of ignominy. Now he throws down the gauntlet at Inter and it appears that ownership might just call him out on his threats. The one once seen as a rising managerial star - from his days at Valencia. Has since appeared to be a manager that has lost his way, cannot manage for the long haul, complains more than Arsene Wenger and lives off 15 minutes of Champions League insanity. Again it is not as if Inter's cupboard is bare - Eto'o, Sneijder, Milito, Cesar, Lucio to name a few - too bad the man trying to manage this bunch is having so many difficulties. So as he did with Liverpool, he will blame the fact he has no money to go out and buy players and that is why he is no succeeding.

I think Rafa will head back to Spain. He will manage one of the second tier sides since Real and Barcelona have managers in place. I think that Rafa might be better suited for a Valencia or a Villarreal - solid clubs with resources, talent, fan base and strong ownership, but in the shadows of Real and Barca so not such a bright light nor a need for titles to be considered successful. Rafa never should have taken this role, following in the footsteps of The Special one, the season after a treble would have been a hard act to follow for any manager, but for one of Rafa's temperament a losing cause.  I should feel bad for Rafa but  I don't...he will be compensated and will land another job somewhere. At least this time he might not have as much time to ruin another club!

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