Friday, December 24, 2010

PSG getting ready to do some selling?

PSG's mercurial Benin midfielder - Sessegnon - who arrived with much fan fare a few seasons ago appears to be one foot out the door at PSG. After his bust with with management and his diminished playing time it might be time for him to pursue greener pastures. This has become an even greater likelihood with the arrival last summer of Nene from Monaco and the Brazilian's absolutely scintillating first half of the season. Couple this with Giuly's rejuvenation on the wing and clearly all signs point to Sessegnon being shown the door. I think the Benin midfielder would do well in England, where he is rumored to be heading. He can play multiple positions in midfield (almost a poor man's version of Essien) and has a nasty side that would serve him well in the more physical EPL. PSG would do well to rid themselves of a player that has a reputation of being a malcontent when he does not get his way and has overstayed his welcome.

PSG needs to shore up their offense - they have been relying to heavily on Nene for goals, Hourau remains a good Ligue 1 striker, but Erding has not found his form and after that PSG is very thin. They could also see if they can find some help at fullback and potentially a keeper (sound familiar Gunners?) I hope that PSG can and should hold on to Sakho, at least until this summer otherwise they better find a central defender as well. Selling off Sessegnon will be a start, but they need to bring in some other parts to continue to challenge for a title.

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