Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hazard - hot commodity - closing window for Lille?

No surprise but Sir Alex seems to be onto the young Belgium sensation - Hazard. Manchester United clearly needs to find some youth to replace the aging Giggs and Scholes, the Lille play-maker seems to have all the attributes that would appeal to the big European clubs. Gooner and I brought up his name during our last podcast, to which I said no way Arsenal get him since he is already being tracked by Real Madrid...add to this Manchester United and I highly doubt the Gunners will be able to out spend their rivals to secure the services of the young Belgium Messi. Alas. Wenger should have pursued him last season when he was already a known entity in Ligue 1.

Accepting the fact that Hazard will most likely be gone sooner rather than later, it is imperative for Lille to do all it can to win the title this season. I would also expect Gervinho to be out this summer as well, he almost left this past transfer season.


Philip said...

He is so amazing. I hope he doesn't go to a big club like Real Madrid atleast not yet. I also hate Man U so that would suck but I think that would be a better club for him. Since Arsenal never spend big money, I have a better chance of getting singed by Wenger than Hazard.

GFC said...

He is quite skilled, the showcase of a great crop of Belge footballers. But I fear he is off to Real or Manchester United - such is the world of big business football.

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