Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wenger lashes out the officials

I will admit, not surprising, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Wenger. He is my countryman, manages one of my favorite sides and might manage my favorite team PSG! Unfortunately, one aspect of Arsene that always drives me crazy is the fact he seems a little whiny when his side do not get their way. Case in point - the complaints about the 5 man officiating system in place for UEFA Champions League matches. Whether or not Vela was taken down or took a dive the 5 officials are still not fool proof, and sometimes a player's reputation proceeds him. Yet to blame the system for your team's loss seems a bit childish, take your ball and go home. I am not sure what Wenger wants, a 6th official, video, robots to officiate, red flags from the managers to request instant replay??? The system is still a work a progress, no doubt, but let us continue to work and push the idea of more eyes on a pitch to officiate a game but keep in mind that we are still talking about human error. That will never go away no matter how many officials we have watching a game. Maybe Wenger should ask Capello and Lampard whether or not they would have liked a official on the goal line during the World Cup....

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Anonymous said...

It's confusing, because vela hasn't played enough to have a reputation amongst UEFA refs, and I too must question...5 refs, at least 3 of which had a clear view of one of the most obvious penalties I've seen...yet no call?

I don't know if you watched the full match, but the officiating was amongst the worst I've seen since chelsea vs barcelona.

it's true that arsenal should have done better, but not being rewarded a clear penalty while having damn near every one of your own side's tackles be called a foul can completely deflate a team.

That ref uses his eyes, gives a penalty, and Arsenal win that match. Simple as that.