Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another indicator of why the FIFA World Rankings are rubbish

So the latest FIFA world rankings are out...and Les Bleus have dropped out of the top 20. What? Funny, they have not played a game since the last rankings yet they dropped...huh? I am not saying that France deserve a different ranking but how can you lose spots when you have not played a game! I realize they take into account how other nations have been doing but still...makes no sense.


jeremy said...

just wait. Somehow we'll now drop again, while england go up, despite thoroughly beating them.

FIFA rankings are rubbish.

...unless of course France are #1. Anything with us at the top can't be rubbish.

GFC said...

Ha I was thinking the same thing today! I remember when France won the World Cup...beating Brazil, yet the Samba Boys kept their #1 ranking...huh? Figures...