Monday, November 15, 2010

Blanc makes surprise call up as cover - Kaboul

Will he represent France or Poland?
The one time "next great center back" - Younes Kaboul. Received his first call up for the senior France squad as eventual cover for Mexes. The former Auxerre center back received a lot of attention when he moved across the pond to Tottenham, he was seen as a serious contender to become France's pillar at center back. However a few seasons of up and down success have relegated him to an after thought for Les Bleus. Until recently. After moving to Portsmouth and then back to Tottenham, it appears that Kaboul has slowly found his legs in the EPL. His inclusion is a pleasant surprise and I am sure a well deserved pat on the back for the former Auxerre defender. Clearly his ability to also play right back or in the midfield helps his cause, goal this weekend not withstanding, I would argue that Sagna is far from being the undisputed #1 choice at right back for Les Bleus.

It will be interesting to see how Blanc uses the Tottenham man if at all, but at least he is cycling through the options he has with regards to players available to him. Question becomes - was the Arsenal man Koscielny in the conversation to be called up? I am sure the Polish FA is watching this with interest since he could figure for Polska's national squad if Blanc ignores him for much longer.

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