Monday, June 11, 2007

Titi to Barca

Interesting....according to Sports24, Titi is on his way to Barca....will Eto'o be on the return flight?


sandrahn said...

This is all just rumour and I hope it's not true. I'm a gooner, we need Henry. That said, if he does go, it won't be the disaster some gooners are saying it will be.

GFC said...

I agree that much of this is rumor. However, we have heard this rumor going on 3 years now, and where there is smoke there is fire.

I think that Henry leaving will not be a disaster (depending on who Wenger gets to fill in the void). If Henry gets back Eto'o then I would be happy for both the Gunners and Henry. I think that Titi needs a change of scenery, not that he is declining in London, but we might have seen his best days in Arsenal Red.

Maybe Anelka will make his return to North London!

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