Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Fire Grows Hotter

According to the Times, Wenger would be open to discussions about an Henry to Barca move. Maybe the professor was growing weary of all the speculation over the past two seasons and wants to strike while he can still get value for his star striker.

I think the move will happen. Gilberto has taken the reigns as captain, and Arsenal are building around Cesc and the other youngsters. Question is, can Wenger get Eto'o in return or will he make a play for Torres to replace Henry?

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Laurie said...

I'm a lot more interested in the Anelka-to-Arsenal rumor. (Forget Eto'o!)

Obviously there is concern about attitude, but Anelka really seems like a changed player to me. It's as if somebody flipped his attitude switch to "Off."

I was reading on another blog the concern about how Anelka would adjust to such a young team. I think you only need to watch his big-brother-like interactions with Samir Nasri in the past few France games to see what could happen. And the Arsene-Anelka combo just feels right to me.

I don't necessarily want Henry to leave Arsenal, but if he does they could do a whole lot worse than Nico.