Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anelka or Trezeguet to Arsenal...or neither?

With the Henry rumors getting warmer by the day, the question of who will replace the Arsenal striker continue. The strongest appears to be Eto'o heading back to London as Henry heads to Spain. However there are other rumors - Anelka making his return to where he shined as a teenager as well as Trezeguet heading to Arsenal (of course that move is rumored to be made to keep Henry happy and in town).

I cannot see Anelka heading to Arsenal. I think that the "incredible sulk," while he has appeared to be turning his attitude around is still someone that could at any moment become a cancer again...reason why he is on his 47th team (at least it appears that way).

As for Trezegol, I also cannot envisage him wearing the red and white of Arsenal. If Trezeguet leaves Juventus, which appears to be imminent, I have a feeling he will end up back in France with Lyon.

Here are my odds (for entertainment purposes only) on who will be the next Arsenal striker:

  • Henry 20-1. Three straight seasons of rumors prove to be the charm. He heads to Barca.
  • Eto'o 4-1. Assuming the above comes true and Milan does not poach him first, he would look great wearing the #9 kit in North London
  • Trezeguet 50-1. Wenger does know the talismatic striker from his days at Monaco, but I think Trezeguet does not fit the Wenger style of play and is too static a striker to fit the Arsenal system
  • Anelka 6-1. I think that Anelka would like to come back to where he made a name for himself. He stated he wanted to go to a big name club, Man U have their strikers, Chelsea as well, and not sure he wants to revisit Liverpool.
  • Landon Donovan 1,000,000-1. Not enough surfing in London and having to face folks like Essien as well as play in front of fans that really care about footie.
  • Torres 45-1. Would be nice to see the matador in Northern London, but looks like other clubs already have the inside track to him.
  • Tevez 12-1. The Goat is on the move, at least that is what would make sense. Arsenal were rumored to be interested when he first crossed the Atlantic. While there are no rumors to say so, I would think that Wenger would only be more interested in Tevez after watching him single handily save West Ham from relegation.
Of course Wenger may not signe anyone, realizing that Van Persie should be at 100% and combine him with Adebayour up front with Walcott waiting in the wings.

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