Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oh Henry where are you?

With the FA cup finals looming, it begs the question, where is Henry? He has missed the past few games and there are constant rumors that he will miss the FA Cup finals. This is not good. First, Wenger should not play Henry the rest of the season, unless it is for 45 minutes to get his legs back under him, but if there is any fear of recurring injury let him rest (after a full season in his legs I am sure he will not be "rusty"). Second, start playing line ups with Man U in mind and without an Henry option. Use these last few games to run out a formation that can counter Man U, control the midfield and clamp down on the Rooney - Van Nisterlroy - Scholes stike force (maybe experiement with a 5 player mid-field a la Blackburn, with Reyes alone up front). Finally, rest other players such as Vieira, Pires, Campbell...we will need them at their top form to be able to slay Man U.

The next few games are good "practice" for what should prove to be a historic FA Cup final.

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