Saturday, April 30, 2005

Congrats to Chelsea

Now that the Premier League title officially shifts from north to south london:

We can focus on the real battle - Arsenal vs Manchester United. It will be interesting to see how both sides play out the rest of the season. With a date in the FA cup finals looming, Arsenal and Manchester United have something to aim for, however there is also second place in the Premiership and the automatic Champions League qualification at stake. With a four point lead, Arsenal has the pole position. But Arsenal are hurt, with Henry and Campbell trying to come to match fitness for the FA Cup final. Would Wenger risk their status if he needs to secure points for the second place finish? Manchester United still has to navigate a visit from Chelsea, however with the Premiership title wrapped up and a potential Champion's league final, will Chelsea play a B-side at Old Trafford? Or will Morinho like nothing more than to stick it to Sir Alice, I mean Sir Alex? The final games should be fun to watch, as the Arsenal and Manchester United rivalry keep the entertainment value high.

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