Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chelsea...destined for a double?

Chelsea's 4-2 drubbing of Bayern begs the question, with an insurrmountable 13 point lead in the Premiership and a 4-2 home win in the Champion's League 1/4 finals will Chelsea vault themselves to a historic double for the London club? Heading back to Munich with a 2 goal cushion it would appear that Chelsea have it wrapped up to make it to the semi-finals. Plus with their large lead in the domestic chase, they can afford to rotate their squad to ensure they are fresh...but not so fast. Last season Chelsea waltzed into the Champion's League smei finals after finally getting the Arsenal monkey off their back. Only to run into the cinderella of the tournament, AS Monaco and an inspired Morientes. Chelsea still have to go into Bayern and not lose by 2-goals...I think that if Chelsea head into Bayern and hope to emerge with a 0-0 draw or at most a 0-1 loss, I fear that they could be setting themselves for a trap. With 2 away goals, I think that Bayern will have strong motivation, if they can score an early goal all things will be in with a potential all england Champion's League semi finals of Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Chelsea and the lads need to ensure that they are focused on the game in Munich. Chelsea need to open the game as if it were any other in the prem, look to get an early goal and really put the pressure on Bayern...but nothing is completed yet...far from it.

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