Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last minute surprise: 4-3-3 with the youngsters and Kos!

Raphaël Varane et Paul Pogba
Back in the starting line up...youth is served

Just when it seemed we knew how Deschamps would roll out his squad on Tuesday we get what appears to be a last minute change with one surprise - Koscielny to start in central defense.

The supposed line up:

Le onze probable :
Lloris (cap) - Jallet, Koscielny, Varane, Evra - Cabaye, Pogba, Matuidi - Valbuena, Benzema, Ribéry.

Interesting to see Deschamps go with a 4-3-3 which in a way is another way of positioning the Christmas tree! Since I see the wide players: Valbuena and Ribery, dropping deeper to recover the ball while Benzema will (hopefully) sit on the last defender and force Spain to defend deeper. Therefore eliminating some of the space La Roja need to control possession. The other surprise is to see Kos in the starting line up and the PSG defender Sakho on the bench. Seems out of the blue, in particular because during his tenure, Deschamps seemed to lean on Sakho as one of his core players. The last change is Evra in for Clichy. I am not surprised, since the Manchester City back is more offensive while the Manchester United back is stronger defensively. Makes sense when you look at who they are facing.

Overall I like the line up. Clearly Deschamps is going to look and win or at worst create a stalemate in the midfield. Then counter with the pace he has available on the wings. I think we will see Jallet look to assume a greater burden in animating the right flank - with Valbuena roaming the field. The left side will clearly be the responsibility of Ribery. So do not look for Evra to need to push as high up the pitch.

I am not sure how I see this game turning out...but I will be realist and say we get another 1-1 draw between the two sides.

Allez les bleus.


Philip said...

It was a good fight. Just seems unfair for both France and Spain to have a tough qualifiers. I think FIFA should change how they do qualifiers. Teams ranked in top 20 fail to qualify in Europe

GFC said...

I completely agree...look at Group E and G and the teams that are in those groups!!! But that is what happens when your "coefficient" isn't as high as it should be!