Friday, March 01, 2013

Benzema caught speeding - headaches for Deschamps

So Benzema was clocked doing 135mph in a 70mph zone, well at 135 does not really matter what the speed limit is since you should be on a race track regardless. The reality is Benzema might get some jail time, in reality I am sure he will get a hefty fine and some probation. But what this does do is give Deschamps a headache. Why? The hearing is the same day as the Spain v France qualifier in Paris. Ouch.

Maybe if I only drove a Smart this wouldn't happen
Let us set aside the reality of the situation - that Benzema is incredibly fortunate to not have injured or killed innocent by standards and to have not done himself any bodily damage. From a sporting side this will create some what of a dilemma for Deschamps. Can he rely on his #1 striker for the match? Might not being able to leverage the Real Madrid player some how be a blessing in disguise for DD? Let us face it, Benzema has not been on fire for France...can you name me the last time he scored for his country? 9 months ago against Estonia. Not a good goal rate for the player that is your top striker. Of course Deschamps does have some options - notably Arsenal man Giroud or Lyon striker Gomis. They are slim pickings however. He could drop down and look to one of the younger players, but that would be highly risky in such a big match.

End of the day, not having Benzema might be a blessing against the Spanish. If DD starts a more traditional #9 - say Giroud. He can expect his Arsenal man to stay closer to the Spanish back line as well as provide a target for the French wingers - Ribery, Menez, Valbuena et al. This might also open up space for these players to make runs at the Spanish. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for both Benzema and Deschamps.

But once again, give lots of money and fast cars to young super stars...bad things tend to happen!

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