Thursday, August 09, 2012

France v Uruguay - in with the old and new...

Deschamps released his first list this morning for the Aug 15th friendly versus Uruguay. Some new faces, old faces and new old faces...the list:

The list for France (notice all the typos!)

Some interesting names have come back into the fold as well as some names that have been left out.

First, no Menez or Nasri, due to the disciplinary ruling from the FFF. Deschamps also did not retain Ben Arfa and M'Vila from the Euro squad, while both escaped the wrath from the federation, with Deschamps not calling them up it could be interpreted as a message from the new manager as to his lack of tolerance for such shenanigans. It will be interesting to see how Deschamps deals with these players as qualification for the World Cup starts.

What about other players left off the list? Rami, Mexes, Cabaye, Diarra and Malouda are all missing from the Euro 2012 squad. Rami and Cabaye have been left off the list because of rest/injury. The door might be closed on the likes of Mexes and Malouda. The AC Milan libero struggled in the last games we saw while his replacement Koscielny was one of the only players to have shown up against Spain. Malouda has no club right now and is getting a tad long in the tooth. Diarra played for Deschamps at OM but is currently refusing to show up for training with his club (forcing his way to West Ham), could Deschamps be sending a message?

Let us look at the players that Deschamps did select. Many on the roster are to be expected - both keepers, Clichy, Evra, Debuchy, Koscielny, Martin, Matuidi, Valbuena, Benzema, Giroud and Ribery. All main stays. So what about the new faces.

None of the players on defense that are new are a huge surprise. Yanga-MBiwa was one of the last cut from the Euro roster and deserves another call up. Jallet was in the running for the Euros as well and with Revelliere getting up there in age, look for the PSG right back to compete with Sagna and Debuchy to be on the squad. Sakho was left off the Euro squad but has always been in the conversation for central defender for France.

Have not seen Mavuba in Bleu in a while
In the midfield - Gonalons was called up by Blanc, he deserves to get another call. No surprise. What is interesting, and positive is seeing Capoue getting the nod. The TFC midfielder has leap-frogged his fellow Toulouse midfielder Sissoko to be in the conversation for Les Bleus. Finally, the call up for Mavuba. The player born at sea, was call up as a 20 year old, but been stuck in purgatory for France for the better part of the past 6 years. As the captain of Lille and the way he has played, the call up is over due and well deserved. He is the engine room for Lille, down the road could he partner with Cabaye? Recreate what they did with Lille?

The strikers, this where I was a tad surprised. Briand, Gomis and Payet all called up. All three have been in and out of the squad over the past few years. Payet makes sense to give Deschamps the winger he needs without Ben Arfa, Nasri and Menez on the squad. However Briand and Gomis, coupled with Giroud and Benzema is interesting. Does this indicate that Deschamps is going to look for a two striker formation? Or is he just vetting who would be his depth at striker.

As we approach the 15th a couple of questions I will be looking for Deschamps to shed some light on:

  • Who will be the captain?
  • What formation will Deschamps look to lean on?
  • Who are Deschamps' core?
We shall see if we get more information on these questions in the upcoming days.

Allez Les Bleus!

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