Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Another reason why FIFA rankings are rubbish...

The latest FIFA rankings are surprise Spain keeps its position atop the ranking. After winning the European Cup and holding three straight titles there is no way it could not be atop the rankings. The teams that come after that is all hogwash. The rankings:

Aug 2012
RnkTeamPts+/- Pos
1 Spain16050Equal
2 Germany14740Equal
3 England12941Up
4 Uruguay1236-1Down
5 Portugal12130Equal
6 Italy11920Equal
7 Argentina10980Equal
8 Netherlands10530Equal
9 Croatia10500Equal
10 Denmark10170Equal

Someone remind me what place England finished in the Euros...oh that's right...knocked out in the 1/4 finals by the #6 team, who then ended up reaching the finals. But no, the Azzurri stay at 6 behind Germany, who they defeated fairly soundly in the semi-finals. As well as England another team they defeated. What about Holland...didn't they lose all three of their games???

Anyways, all hogwash!

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